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Clay Earring Workshops


In this 3.5 hours earring workshop, learn the art of handmade earrings with our creative instructor - who will be guiding you through useful clay making and designing techniques. hands on skills based workshop will encourage and inspire your creativity. Whether you are a first time crafter or seasoned maker, this workshop is for everyone. Have access to our extensive clay collection, consisting of more than 40 different colours, and various creative crafting materials (ribbons, glitter, pompoms, tassels and more) for you to let the creative juices loose. 

Our workshops are a great opportunity to make something really beautiful, whilst having fun and learning a new skill. Bring your friends along or come along to make some new ones, there is always the promise of laughter and a good chit chat. 

Flaunt Your Creations


What's better than creating your own earrings? Bring home your one-of-a-kind design and have your family and friends in awe at your impeccable style. We aim to have you leave the workshop feeling super inspired and skilled up, rocking at least one pair of your brand new handmade gems.

Have some fun


Feeling stressed from a hectic work week, we hope you enjoy a good unwinding, therapeutic session and get yourself feeling recharged in this beautiful afternoon with us.

Kids Friendly

We are more than happy to have children over the age of 10 as long as they come along with an adult. It's always a good time to bond with your kids, isn't it!

Don't have pierced ears

We can still cater for you, let us know and we will ensure you have access to clip ons.

Afternoon tea time

Tea and cakes would be provided as well

Sneak Peak

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Have some good ol' creative fun creating your own earrings with your friends now!